Mechanical engineer 

Think Outside is digitizing snow. We are developing innovative “Sknow” sensors coupled with machine learning to acquire data about snow that can impact people and industries. Our solutions range from sensors for skis that aim to detect snow conditions that may lead to avalanches, to sensor stations for renewable hydro-plant energy for safer and better reservoir surveillance. 

At Think Outside, we are passionate about the great outdoors. We deeply care about our team, technology, and are obsessed with making life in the winter mountains safer for everyone. Working as a team enables us to grow rapidly, win, and change the way snow data is collected and processed. If you are looking to advance your career and join a team where your opinion is valued, your contributions are noticed and where you get to work with fun and talented people solving challenges with cutting-edge technology, this is the place for you.

We are increasing our team and as a mechanical engineer you will....: 

Job description:

  • Assessing project requirements

  • Using computer-aided design/modelling software

  • Update design based on input from the electronic engineers

  • Understand trade-offs between reliability, size and weights

  • Be able to design parts that fit together given tolerances of the production

  • Coordinate and update design with suppliers that will manufacture the parts

  • Measuring the performance of mechanical components and devices

  • Modifying equipment to ensure that it is safe, reliable and efficient

  • Liaising with suppliers

  • Producing and implementing designs and test procedures

  • Presenting designs to managers and clients

  • Testing, evaluating, modifying and re-testing products

  • Understand how production of parts impacts design choices

  • Creating mock-ups and assembling prototypes

We are looking for you as you are:

  • Preferably have a M.Sc in mechanical engineering

  • Have minimum a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering

  • The applicant must be a skier

  • A lover of the outdoors, a personal interest in snow and snowsports makes you just perfect!

  • Have a bit of an entrepreneur in you, or would like to contribute in taking the petroleum industry to new use and new markets

We offer: 

  • Working in a start-up environment as you have an entrepreneurial mindset and problem-solving mentality

  • A 100% position, but can be negotiated

  • Flexible work arrangements

  • Offices in Bergen and Oslo 

  • Powder days off

  • Company Option Scheme

  • Salary is competitive within startup framework

  • Social company with lots of days in the outdoors

  • Great growth opportunities and the chance to make a difference with technology for people and environment

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Application Deadline: 19.10.2019


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