About my internship

This summer I worked as an intern for 8 weeks at Think Outside. I was hired as an electrical engineer and worked closely with Head of Research in the research department with prototyping of our product, but also worked with the development team.

I worked on developing and testing of the Dingo prototype, especially on the software and modelling side of the development and testing.

My time as an intern was very valuable and I learned a lot of how it is to be an engineer and also how to run a successful startup business. I was well integrated in the team and was involved in team events and team meetings. We had a team meeting event in Oslo, where I took part in technical meetings both internal and with external partners. I was also part of the events in StartupLab in Oslo, both pitching event and social parties.

Working towards a product meant for the outdoors is a refreshing experience and together with the wonderful ski-loving team of Think Outside I had a blast!


Torgeir Tislevoll