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About my internship

As a French student, I looked for a business internship abroad. I wanted it to be linked to the sport industry since I want to work in this specific field and will start an MSc in Sports Industry Management in September 2018. I always loved sport and skiing. Norway was definitely a country I wanted to visit. The project got my attention and I really liked it. So, to work on Dingo for Think Outside was a wonderful opportunity.

I worked as a commercialization/business development intern. I got to work on many different tasks such as ski market analysis, product development, business models, product pricing, costs calculations, field testing, marketing & sales and strategy. At Think Outside you need to be ready to learn, participate, listen and grow. That is one of the advantage to work in a startup. You get to have responsibilities, to be a real team player. Working at Dingo helped me to develop, to improve and to use many skills for a practical project.

The working environment is nice, both in Bergen and Oslo. You get to be part of a startup hub in modern facilities. In order to have a good communication between our Bergen and Oslo team, we usually do a Skype meeting once a week. I got to know everybody, and I can tell you, we have a very talented strong diverse team. It is definitely one of the strength of the company.

My time at Think Outside was incredible. And this would have never been possible without an incredible team and a wonderful project. Seeing it grow for three months has been a true privilege. Dingo is not a project like others. The interest for this one is obvious. Dingo managed to get the Horizon 2020 Phase 1 grant, a grant offered to only 7% of the participants. Dingo has been selected among 2148 applications coming from 43 different countries. On top of that, Dingo won the Creative Business Cup in Norway. What an achievement! Thanks to this win, Dingo will be part of the world competition next November in Copenhagen and will benefit from an international exposure.

This is why I am looking forward to discovering how Dingo grows in the years to follow. I am honored to have been a part of this amazing journey. So, if I were you, that I loved ski and outdoor activities, I will jump right in. Working at Think Outside and on Dingo is a wonderful opportunity you don’t want to miss.


Quentin Sauvager