We are a group of outdoor enthusiast with the goal of bringing cutting edge digital technology into the ski market. 
With diverse backgrounds, we are combining our skill sets to make this vision a reality. 
We believe this technology will revolutionize avalanche risk assessment and make the backcountry safer for everyone.  

Monica Vaksdal – Founder & CEO

Cand.Scient.Petroleum Geology (UiB), Cand.Mag.Sociology (UiB), Master of Management (BI). 16 years experience from various position in the petroleum industry. Experienced skier, climber, and loves winter camping.

+47 992 81 255

Kjartan Nesse – Co-Founder & CTO

Cand.Scient.Physics (UiB), Officer Telemark Battalion. 16 years experience from various position in the petroleum industry and IT, focus on digitization, and emerging technologies. Avid skier, climber and a background as dog handler Rescue Dogs (‘lavinehund’).

+47 941 56 447

Deborah Karlsen – Co-Founder & CCO

BS Biology (IU), Masters of Management (BI) Serial enteprenuer, manager and business developer with expirience from two earlier startups. Avid hiker, runner, and skier-in-development. Married a Norwegian and after 3 years is fluent in Norwegian with a west-Norway twang.

+47 479 44 258

Kelly Moulton – Chairman of the board

MA, University of Virginia. Serial Entrepreneur, venture partner, investor, board member, startup advisor. Successfully survived dotcom. Married a Norwegian and relocated to Norway 10 years back. Embracing winter sports and re-branding from water skiing to proper skiing.

+47 944 88 657

Morten Alskog – Board member

M.Sc Accounting and auditing (NHH). Various positions from finance and management in numerous industries. currently VP Finance Odfjell drilling. Hands-on financial manager with a strategic eye. Avid skier, climber and engaged in several ski/outdoors businesses.

+47 406 39 703

Torstein Skage – Advisor and mentor

Nordcap/BTO (Bergen Teknologioverføring)/Connect Vest. Business Development, management, investment. Avid skier, climber and engaged in several ski/sport businesses as investor and board member. He is the happy owner of 16 pairs of skis.

Ørjan Lønningen – Intern – 3D, Graphics & IT

Self-tought and hard-working. There is nothing this guy can’t fix for us. Avid snowboard-gamer.

Tor Arne Fanghol

Business Developer/Advisor Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) Mediekuben incubator program. Background from Bergens Tidende and Schipsted. Loves spending time at the cabin at Haugastøl.

Kristian Bruarøy

Business Developer/Advisor Bergen Teknologioverføring (BTO) Mediekuben incubator program. A pioneer from the norwegian streaming industry and former Head of TV2 Sumo. One of the few in the audience at the Sotsji Olympic Games.

Tristan Hollande

M.Sc in Computer Science. 18 years experience as a software engineer and project manager to design and commercialize seismic sensors for onshore oil exploration.  
Became passionate cross country skier after moving to Norway and trailrunner when the summer finally comes.

+47 934 55 067

Marcus Landschulze

PhD in applied Geophysics and Msc in control systems with a 15+ years background from the petroleum industry and research institutes with focus on development of new technologies from the prototype to the marked. Hooked on signals and data processing and passion ranges from big data and machine learning to small embedded-software algorithms. Happy to be in nearly all outdoor environments and enjoy outdoor activities from diving, sailing, climbing & skiing to fly a glider.

+47 400 11 133